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Claim A Fantasy

claim, you know you wanna

Claim a Fantasy Character!
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[ Claim A Fantasy Character! ]

The claim_a_fantasy community is a place where members are able to lay claim to their favorite fiction characters as their personal property. Because we cover entire realm of fiction, claims may range from anything from movies to books, from videogames to anime, television shows to band characters, and everything inbetween. That's a lot of characters to choose from, but it also means they could be claimed at a moment's notice. So don't get left in the dust! XD

Original Creator - slayerz
Current Maintainer - starrynightwind
Current Co-Maintainer - arcalaiwings
Current Co-Maintainer - dandon_trj

~*~* Rules Of The Claim: *~*~

1) Before you claim ANYTHING, but sure to check the claims list below to make sure the character in question hasn't already been claimed by any other member.

2) Effective as of July 6th, 2003, when making a claim, you MUST include, at the bottom of your post, the text of your claim as it would appear in the community claim list. That would be in the following format:

Character (Place Of Origin) claimed by Username on (MM/DD/YY)

So if, say, dandon_trj claimed Spike from Cowboy Bebop on July 7th, 2003, he would include this text at the bottom of his claim:

"Spike (Cowboy Bebop) claimed by dondarkstalker on 07/07/03"

This is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY to keep the claims list regularly updated. Any post that does not include this text will be deleted. I apologize if that seems harsh, but it's needed to update the lists in a timely manner. Also, try to make every part of the format as accurate as possible, from the way it's written above, since the maintainers have to fix all problems in the format.

3) Members are urged to talk a little about the character they're claiming, such as a small character bio and why they're so damn likable. ;P

4) The only fiction characters that CANNOT be claimed (besides ones already taken) are characters that YOU specifically have created. This is about ownership of the characters of OTHERS whom you admire. =3

5) Claims may be made ONCE A WEEK, the definition of a week being a seven day period starting and ending on Sundays. This means that you may make your weekly claim at anytime, your next claim able to be made the coming Sunday.

6) Unused claims do NOT carry over to the following weeks. One claim per week; you snooze, you lose.

7) We ask that members do NOT fight over claims. If somebody claims a character you had your eyes set on, don't start a flame war. Rather, pay attention to the next rule...

8) Trading IS allowed, and encouraged. There are no rules to limit trading in that members may exchange in free commerce amongst themselves. However, this is subject to change at a moment's notice at the full discretion of community maintainers. I say this so that if somebody finds a way to abuse the trade system and scam the community in any way, we can crack down on them without breaking our own rules. Don't be intimidated, we're just covering our own asses here. ^_^;;;

9) It should be noted that not all claims made are always listed in the claim list or indexed in the community search engine at the bottom of this page. The community claim list has the last date it was updated on listed at the top, while the community search engine has a spider reindex itself every Sunday. Based on this criteria, you should be able to figure out how to use both along with manually browsing back-entries of the community to know whether a character is taken or not.

10) Remember that when claiming something like a movie character, you are claiming the CHARACTER in question, not the actor. You would be claiming Frodo from Lord Of The Rings, not Elijah Wood. Also, the character in question is claimed regarding every form of media he appears in. Frodo cannot be claimed by one person in the LotR movies, and again in the LotR books. Characters are universal, as well as claims.

11) If you decide to leave the community, all claims will be up for grabs once more. We ask that before leaving, members make a post listing their former claims so that it is very clear which characters are up for grabs once more.

12) Should a member of the community become idle for an extended period of time without notifying members as to why, their claims may be put into jeopardy. Here's how it works:

Should somebody want to claim a character that has already been claimed by someone else whom has not been actively participating in the community, they must go through a standard procedure to challenge the claim. First, the user who's claim is being challenged must not have posted in the last six weeks, or forty two calender days. If this requirement is met, you may use your weekly claim to challenge that person's claim in the community. Simply post an entry that clearly states the following info:

- Which claim/user is being challenged
- The last time that user posted

Once this post is made inside CaF, the challenged user has a period of one week to respond to the challenge. Should no response be given, it will be assumed that his claim has been abandoned and will promptly be awarded to the challenger. If they challenged user DOES respond, however, no transaction will be made. However, the challenged user must continue to participate within the community on a regular basis, or he may be challenged again within two week's time.

Remember, challenging somebody for a claim uses up your weekly claim, so it's a bit of a gamble. We can't just have people trying to steal claims left and right unless there's some risk involved. ;3


Uh... I think that's it. Enjoy the community! ^_^;


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