A couple of the wires in my heart just broke. (hearts_headlock) wrote in claim_a_fantasy,
A couple of the wires in my heart just broke.

Peeps be gettin' deep sixed!

Hiya!  I'm here to claim the superfantastimazing Daxter, from the Jak and Daxter series, if I may be so bold. He's just... really cool.  Almost everybody underestimates his importance in the series, and I think it's funny; because while he can complain and backsass with the best of them, he's one of the most deticated and loyal characters in the fandom (in my opinion).  He's funny, furry and cute, adapting to somthing as drastic as being turned into an ottsel surprisingly well- and he's the best best-friend a guy bould hope for.  He spent two whole years trying to find a way to get Jak out of prison, giving up time where he could've been looking for a way to turn himself back into his human form.  He's an amazing statement of devotion that most people ignore- and he's cute comic relief.
Sorry if that was kinda long winded!  

Daxter  (Jak and Daxter) claimed by hearts_headlock on (02/28/09)
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